Parents warn of online gaming scammers on Fortnite Video

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We’re now with a parenting alerbout those online game, one family discoving that scammers use fortniteo trick their teenager into revealing personal information and ABC’s T.J. Holmes ise wew this is such a popular ga. It’s hard to put in perspecte. The G is free to play but makes hundreds mlions of dollars a month. Gh how? In app purchases made by its 100 million plus’s a lotf people a lot of money, a lot of user name, passwords and personal rmation Foth taking. Fortnite, the U popular video game drawing in 125 million player from kids to celebries L Joe jonze and steel juju smh-ster. I at this party and all inking about is fortnite. Reporter: You fight to survive as your play space ly shrinks fng people into contact. You speak with them over a headset ant tk I $318 million in M and W it’a free to play game,eoere spending big bucks for accessories tore their players and WHE there big M there’s potential for scams. Thisear-old spe more than 00 of hiswn money on the game to H avatar C cls called skins and accessoriebut recently another gamer ced the teen to give him hisr ne password T that tamer would give him morskins. He gave me his email and password then he said log to scam you. I never G too in ain. Switched Rd and evything. Reporte since mom Amy’s credit card wasached to the game the summer access to that to for purchases within the ga the scaer killed off the teen’s chacter in which he had inveed heads of llars. I feel sorry for him but also told him it’s an learned. Reporter: The family is speak O to protect other families from these ammers. I Thi it’s an eye opener when I hapnso you. You just want other parents to be aware. Again, this person got into his emaicount, chad his recovery password. The guy can’t even get into his N email amount anymore. Just don’te out information if you have one of these counts, don’t have a cret card linked to a B account. Just use a credit card The kids get kids love this game. I R Thall he thinks out. It’s very addictive. Ov George and stra but can I stick aund — I’m Lovin

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